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Synetic Inc. is a fully owned and operated Canadian systems integrator, hardware assembler and distributor of high-performance, cost-effective and reliable clustering servers and data storage subsystems for SMB, enterprise clients and data centre deployment.

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In 1998, Synetic’s engineers envisioned the future of data storage technology. They believed that businesses of any size would soon adopt disk-based technology for backup and data redundancy, provided it could be made reliable, cost-effective and accessible. The result would be massive growth of data-storage technology and its applications to respond the market’s demands.
Today, Synetic works with over twenty manufacturers worldwide, with some, inexclusive arrangements. Synetic’s strong R&D team come with high degrees in different science and engineering fields as well as years of real-world experience. The R&D division frequently designs and develops products in-house and abroad. On other occasions, the manufacturer will introduce new products and Synetic provides market awareness, distribution and unprecedented technical support. In each case, Synetic subjects its products to rigorous QA, stress testing and improvement before releasing them to the market.





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